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GODiT GH, a subsidiary of Obi-Quest Multimedia, is the first digital content store in Ghana GH MUSIC STORE
Benjamin Obeng-Agyei is the CEO and founder of goditgh.com and OBI-QUESTMULTIMEDIAGH. GODiT digital content service is a platform that gives consumers access to a huge catalogue of music, local movies, recorded audio of sermons, popular radio programs, news among others. Currently digital contents are available for downloads and free streaming on www.goditgh.com


Our vision is to effectively transform media content distribution in both emerging and frontier markets with much focus on digital content distribution in Africa and gradually expand to the world at large .


We believe the above vision can be achieved in two distinct ways:
1. Providing several avenues for artists and music producers to distribute their content
2. Assisting artistes to monetise their product.

Entertainment Beyond

The second is to ensure that we meet the needs of music lovers by enabling easy and quick access to their favourite music at reasonably affordable price so as to eliminate piracy due to cost.

GODiT also provide promotional packages such as THE GODiT TV and the RADIO PROMO view details. goditghforms revised 2
Godit is among the few web and mobile music download services emerging from Africa specifically Ghana with very user friendly interface because of our easy step to purchase product.


The GODiT team wishes to promote the sales of songs by musicians and producers and other audio content such as spoken word thereby ensuring that the creators of these works benefit significantly from their hard work.

We believe the surest way to go in our digitised world is through a well-coordinated award scheme based solely on downloads of the songs on our website. Musicians are advised to sign up and upload their audio contents (songs and spoken word) for free to enter the competition. Through our Chart Show that will be airing soon on 4Syte TV, HomeBase TV and some selected radio station, GODiT GH will periodically broadcast top downloaded songs in the (14) categories or genres. As a result, musicians are to note that the more fans download their song,  the more likely they are to top the chart show and eventually win the top download song award at the end of the year.

For more information about us kindly contact us.