GODiT audio content service is a digital audio platform that allows consumers to access a huge catalogue of music, recorded audio of sermons, popular radio programmes, news etc from godit platform. currently most audio are available for downloads and free streaming on www.goditgh.com


How do I create an account on GODiT to sell my product (audio works)?


GODiT has an account opening section which allows you  to create your own account for free. Start the process by imputing the following details

*Full name


*Mobile money number

*Email address


You can then post your audio works with  album cover or product image (size 600 X 600 pixels) . Audio quality should be good and file size should not exceed 10mb unless is a sermon.
Products shall be reviewed by GODiT site administrators, approved and publish immediately.


Why is my product (audio work) rejected?


Products posted are manually reviewed and published when approved. However, posting can be declined if:
 (i) we receive a report of pirated work.
(ii) audio works do not meet our standards.
(iii) poor or indecent language.


How do I make money from GODiT?


GODiT’s platform allows musicians to sell their mastered single track or album. Musicians set their own price except those in the GODiT GHANA MUSIC AWARDS where a single has to be sold for GHC1.00 and an album for GHC5.00
Musicians can monitor how much sales they are making every minute from their account.
Musicians remit their income monthly and GODiT charge twenty percent (20%) on each product sold.


How to buy Mp3 songs or other audio content from GODiT?


Simply type the name of the artist or song in the search box at the home page to find your song. Buy as low as GHS 0.30 with MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash, Credit/Debit Card. Place order and thereafter download the music to your device. Safe, instant, stress-free and secured


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